Resident Evaluation

Monthly Reports

A report is submitted by each resident on monthly basis in which the residents share their experience of working in the preceding month. New skills learnt and deficiencies are highlighted in the report.

Competencies Evaluation

Every resident is bound to submit a competency chart, designed by senior professionals at Kaul Associates, every 6 months. The residents are required to be at a certain level for each competency after a certain period of time.

Different levels of involvement are as follows:

Levels of involvement:

  • Level 2 means the consultant will be present in the OR at the time of induction and recovery needs to spend at least 30% time with the resident in the OR
  • Level 3 means the resident is performing the procedure with the consultant watching without physically interfering unless the patient safety is being compromised.
  • Level 4 would mean you can trust the resident to perform the procedure independently i.e. consultant sitting in the office telling the resident to proceed.