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About Us

Kaul Associates runs Department of Anaesthesia, Pain & Critical Care in the following leading hospitals of the city of Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Hameed Latif Hospital Lahore.
  • National Hospital & Medical Centre Lahore.
  • Doctors Hospital & Medical Centre Lahore.

In September 1994 Dr (Late) Prof Sajid Usman Kaul, Prof Shahida Khawaja and Prof Khalid Bashir formed “Anesthesia Associates”, it was renamed “Kaul Associates” in 2009 after the sad demise of Prof Sajid Usman Kaul.

  • To provide high quality perioperative care to patients undergoing surgery; effectively manage critically ill patients in the intensive care units and provide relief to patients suffering from all kinds of painful conditions.
  • To train aspiring physicians to become competent Anesthesiologists; Critical Care Physicians and Pain Clinicians through a structured training program recognized by the competent authorities.
  • Endeavour to develop the specialties of Anesthesia, Pain Medicine and Intensive Care at local and national levels.

An integral part of these hospitals since their inception, department of anesthesia consists of a team of young and enthusiastic doctors led by qualified consultants; they are committed to provide the highest standards of care to patients undergoing surgery; critically ill patients admitted in the intensive care unit; and patients requiring relief from their pain due to different causes.