Critical Care

Our teams of trained critical care consultants and residents provide round the clock care to critically ill patients in multidisciplinary Intensive Care Units in all the hospitals where our teams work. The multidisciplinary ICU services are supervised by trained critical care consultants leading the teams of residents.  Beginning as an extension of anaesthesia services for seriously ill surgical patients, critical care is now one of our core responsibilities. Our critical care consultants, working as ICU directors are coordinating care of a 13 bedded multidisciplinary intensive care unit in National Hospital Lahore, 7 bedded surgical ICU in Doctors Hospital and - bedded surgical ICU in Hameed Latif Hospital Lahore. Our approach towards the management of critically ill patients is collaborative, where critical care physicians besides their core responsibility, coordinate the process of care involving multiple disciplines to ensure the patient gets best possible advice and care. Our doctors have the expertise in managing ventilatory support, vascular access, use of ultrasound to diagnose emerging problems and interpretation of complex laboratory data to make informed decisions.    Our critical care fellowship program at National Hospital has been recognised for training by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan since 2010 with those aspiring to become critical care consultants join as fellows after earning FCPS in their primary specialty.  Four of our fellows have already passed their FCPS-Critical Care exam and now work as consultants.
These ICUs are a part of the PRICE ICU registry network that contributes data to the national ICU database and participates in global research initiatives.